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shinai crossed
Rules of Combat:

Combat in the guild is very streight forward.  The system is inteded to be simple to avoid confusion and to allow a Safe yet authentic combat experience. We choose to use only Shinai as they are commercially available, relativly inexpensive and last a good long time when properly maintained. They are much less dangerous than wooden wasters, rattan , bated steel or aluminum.  In addition, they are easy to modify to fit many different sword styles.


All weapons will be made from commercially available shinai (Kendo) swords. These may be of any length desired . Modifieing the shinai is allowable so long as the basic integrity of the weapon is not comprimised. You may also use the weapon as it comes.
You may legally modify the hilt to represent the type of sword you wish to use. Legal materials for quillions, crossguards and basket hilts include wood or plastic, soccer balls , Duck Tape, tennis racket grip tape and Hockey tape. No metal guards may be used. However, you may use metal tape or bolts and nuts to balance the weapon. You may cut the grip down to any useable length. You may use PVC or bamboo to lengthen the grip. You may add bamboo or pvc splints to oval out the grip. You may wrap the grip in wire.

Thrusting: You may not thrust with your weapon unless you have installed a proper thrusting tip. Ask your Clan Chief or a matshal to show you how to make them

The blades must be treated to reduce splinters. To do this, rub a good amount of boiled linseed oil or mineral oil into the blade. you may also stain, dye or spray  paint your blade. Please do not brush paint. The only exception in this is to paint the cutting edges into the blade.

You may use a buckler no bigger than 24" circumfrence. The goal of the Krieger Guild's combat system is to show the skill of the warrior, not how well he or she can hide behind a door sized hunk of plywood. Shields will be made of 1/2 inch plywood or lighter and must be padded with rubber hose on the edges.

Other off Hand weapons:
Daggers and short weapons must be approved by the Council before the design will be allowed  in combat. If a production dagger length shinai is located, it will be allowed.

The below requirements are the minimum allowable protection for comabat.

Neck: must be protected with at least two layers of earthmat padding both front and back. the neck guard must allow for side protection as well. Steel and leather neck guards and gorgets are perfectly legal

Head: the Minimum head protection is a NHL hockey helmet spray painted to remove makers marks. The Three weapons fencing mask is highly encouraged.

Joints: Elbows and knees must be protected with a minumum of  vollyball soft knee and elbow guards.

Groin and Breasts: Groin and Breast protection is required. However, it is up to the fighter to ensure these items are worn. If you choose to disobay this rule, you do so at your own risk.

Hands: Hands should be protected by sturdy leather gloves.

It is encouraged that you wear a padded jacket of leather or layered cloth such as a motorcycle jacket or fencing jacket. in addition, the feet must be covered by at least sturdy athletic shoes.
Long pants must be worn at all times.

Combat Rules:
1) Combat will only occur in designated areas
2) Only weapons legally authorized for combat will be allowed
3) Strikes will be made to areas above the knee.
4) excessive force will not be tolerated. a firm strike is all that is required to score a proper hit.
5) all duels over points of honor will be overseen by a third party
6) If a weapon is used for thrusting, it must have a proper thrusting tip installed.
7) The Zero body point system is used here. If the limb is hit, it is removed. if the torso or head is hit, it is a kill. No armor points will EVER be awarded.

Please note that combat in the Krieger Guild is intense and Dangerous. By stepping into the ring, you recognise that there is a  risk of
serious injury or death. You must sign a waiver upon joining the Guild.