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Krieger Events

Events in the guild are held every other month with smaller events announced as they are planned. A basic guild event a two day camping event held in a wooded area. At this event an area is roped off for combat tourniments and a smaller area called a "cockpit" is set up for individual duels.

Each clan will set up its own camp and  the event master  is satisfied that all is well, The tourniments begin.

Once the tourniments have ended , the Chancelor of the high council will tally the winners and award those who most deserve recognition.
Once this is done, The feast is held and all partake!

After, a Sumbel is held where the meadhorn is passed and all toast their dieties, heros, the honored dead and the valient fighters of the day.

The events follow the seasons with the seasonal solstice or equinoxe being observed with tourniment and song.

At the Midsummer event, The Guild re-affirms their oath to the Honor Code and a group champions tourniment is conducted.