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Krieger Guild

Greetings weary traveler, The Krieger Guild bids you a hearty welcome to our coucil fire!
Now you ask me, "What is the Krieger Guild? Well sit down honored guest and let me tell you!
The Krieger guild is, simply put, A gathering of warriors. In the guild we hold tourniments and duels and hold to a code of honor. We are brothers and sisters in arms!  We define a warrior  as a person who stands when others turn, one who speaks the truth,  one who lives cleanly and fights with zeal and discipline. Now this may sound like high and mighty speach and it is! We hold to these as we do battle for the glory of our name, our clan and our country.

We welcome all who share the will to follow the path of the warrior. We hold no ties to religion and will not fault any faith.  We do not descriminate between sexes or races as all  who have the heart of the warrior have the right to meet in honorable combat.  If you are a practitioner of Western or Eastern Martial arts, or any other form that involves the way of the sword, you are most welcome.


Combat Arts and Rules
Honor Code
Discussion Forum
High Council
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Veneratio vel Mortalitas